I began my health journey approximately 12 years ago to help clear up my skin. Acne was my problem. And no matter what I tried it seemed like there was nothing out there that do could make it go away. Month after month I would breakout all over my face, until one day I discovered (after doing research online) I had hormonal acne. But unfortunately, along with the hormonal acne I also had acne scarring too.

To say the least it was very difficult to socialize with other people with my face full of dark spots (hyper pigmentation from the acne scars). However, during my quest to find something, anything that would help me with my acne; I eventually found out that eating raw + vegan foods could significantly calm my hormones down.

This is when I decided to take the plunge and permanently #govegan. 

Today my diet consists of fruits, vegetables, an unprocessed foods. Plus, my skin has healed tremendously, and I have the confidence to go out in public without any makeup on. 

Now I'm on a mission to inspire other women & men to take control of their health by eating a plant based diet.

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